Flore & Zephyr’s ambition is to be a breath of fresh air in jewellery creation.

The brand inspiration was drawn from the union of the god of wind, Zephyr, and the goddess of spring, Flore. A tribute to strength and delicacy that conveys our desire to create jewellery that respects both nature and humankind.

Like Flore & Zephyr, the founders work hand in hand. On one side, Laura is the jeweller and artistic direction, on the other, Amaury is the methodical and organized coordinator.

Our jewellery is created in our workshop in France, where ancestral techniques and new technology merge. We pride ourselves in collaborating with local workshops and artisans. Precision, technique, intuition, adjustment, creativity and the harmony of shape and colour are all elements carefully integrated into our jewellery, testifying to the unique French jeweller expertise.

Jewellery is meant to be unique and personal. Each creation from Flore & Zephyr is custom and unique, adapted to the desires of our customers. We work with love to adorn them in the most beautiful way, in their image.

Each creation from our workshop is created with equitable Fairmined gold. Behind this gold is a brand guaranteeing environmental respect, social progress and economic development in mining communities.


Flore & Zéphyr - joaillerie éthique Strasbourg

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