Swann morganite

18k rose gold, morganite, grey diamonds and diamonds 

2 083,33 €

“We try to discover in things, which become precious to us, the reflection of what our soul has projected onto them.” 
Swann’s Way, A Remembrance of Things Past, Marcel Proust

The collection 

Literature and poetry breathe a breath of fresh air in this collection inspired by literatures greatest women. The L’attrape coeur collection is a reflection of inspired and inspiring women, marked by reverie, romanticism or modernity. Voluptuousness and luxury, sensuality and discretion intertwine to represent the essence of women today.

The Swann ring 

Soft but strong, beautiful and rebellious, Swann is the representation of women today. Both delicate and majestic, this piece is the ultimate engagement ring. A claw mount ring, the morganite is raised, as if delicately placed on the body of the ring. The stone can thus capture the maximum amount of light, revealing all its radiance. On either side of this stone are four diamonds and two grey diamonds aligned to emphasize the delicate body of the ring.


  • Metal: Fairmined 18k rose gold
  • Ring width: 2mm
  • Stones: morganite, diamonds and grey diamonds 3,16ct
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