Elizabeth yellow gold

18k yellow gold ring, topaz and diamonds

625,00 €

“Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.” 
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen.

The Collection 

Literature and poetry breathe a breath of fresh air in this collection inspired by literatures greatest women. The L’attrape coeur collection is a reflection of inspired and inspiring women, marked by reverie, romanticism or modernity. Voluptuousness and luxury, sensuality and discretion intertwine to represent the essence of women today.

The Elizabeth ring

Inspired by the Pride and Prejudice Heroine, our Elizabeth ring is a tribut to elegance. Its fineness gives it a delicate aspect, while the stones set in a closed frame give it a touch of romanticism. A minimalist piece that allows for play with the combination of the colour of gold and the colours of the stones.


  • Metal: Fairmined 18k yellow gold
  • Ring width: 1,5mm
  • Stones: topaz and diamonds 0,15ct
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