Diamond on rose gold bracelet with chain

375,00 €

The Collection

In greek mythology, Artemis is one of the personifications of the moon. Our jewels in this collection evoke the night star with their round shape and the discreet white sparkle they defuse, illustrating the the phases of our satellite.
This collection aspires to be a reflection of women in daily life: active and serene, the day as well as the night. The rose gold creates a warmth and softness for all skin tones.

We say of the moon:
“The night is your haven, the stars your veil, dream keeper, who has never seen the sunrise.”

The Arcadie bracelet

The Arcadie bracelet is delicate and timeless. The pendant’s modern aspect is enhanced by the fine chain as well as by the stone set in the angle. The elegance of this piece resides in the contrast of the filled and empty spaces that create lightness, rendering the bracelet airy. The colours also play a role in the harmony emitted by the bracelet: the diamond’s shine is dynamic, while the softness of the rose gold releases a calm.



  • Fairmined 18k rose gold
  • 18k rose gold chain
  • Pendant diameter: 10mm
  • Diamond: 1,2mm
  • Adjustable bracelet in 3 sizes
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